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A Dress of Perfection

Sakhi Selections is a fashion paradise for women looking for Indian ethnic wear. We offer a wide range of Fabrics , Prints, Suit Dupatta, Dresses , lehengasat affordable prices. Since our inception in the year 1997, we have carved a niche in the ethnic fashion world with impeccable craftsmanship & traditional yet contemporary designs.

The Sakhi Craft

Decades of experience and passion for design have shaped the creations of Sakhi. Faithful to the noble art of craftsmanship, we celebrate the vibrancy and the flair of detailing.

Artisinal Excellence

Luxurious embellishments and thought-out patterns come together to make beautifully fitted garments, made with a personal touch. We evolve with fashion, creating signature occasion wear, steeped in traditional wisdom.


If you are looking for designer Boutique dealing in Ladies Designer Suits in Jalandhar, then there are so many boutiques. But if you want to find out which boutique made designer clothes to match your preference and needs. And in that case, only Sakhi  Selections is the one that meets all your needs.


The most important aspect of our Indian culture is Salwar Kameez, and women love how it feels on the face. But whenever someone selects a kameez salwar for themselves, she will look for her fabric. So in cotton is found one of the most comfortable and most natural to wear salwar kameez. A kameez cotton salwar is known for its simplicity and a regal appearance. It is every woman’s first choice. With some stunning work and printing, you can find this kurtis. In short, these salwar kameez can never get you wrong. If you want to buy at the affordable price a genuine cotton salwar kameez, then get it from Sakhi Selections Ladies Cotton Suit in Jalandhar.


The gown is an elegant one-piece or long dress that for extra special occasions is a formal, particularly fancy dress worn for Ladies Wedding Dresses in Jalandhar originated from the 17th century. This style dress gets influenced by Western evening dresses worn on the red carpet by celebrities from Hollywood.


Lehenga choli has evolved into an iconic dress, and there’s a massive demand for it particularly for bridal designer lehenga cholis. On her favourite event, every woman wants to wear the new designer lehenga choli, as it will make her look like a shining star attracting attention and creating something to refer about. You can easily buy wholesale designer Lehenga in Jalandhar for the lowest price at our website, Wholesale Salwar.


Are you going to start a new job or an interview?? Dress up in Ladies Cotton Suits in Jalandhar with style and career? Our women’s suits provided are so sophisticated and give you the glamorous and beautiful feel. Only visit our online store and buy whatever you feel like.

These fancy Jalandhar cotton suits Fabric shop in Jalandhar are sure to give you ravishing looks and pose you like a Diva. Our impeccable designs have difficulty withstanding. This outfit is ideal for females of all sorts, whether working or a housewife. They are so elegant and comfortable you ‘d love this investment for sure.


We’re one of Ladies Apparels’ top designers, dealers, retailers and wholesalers. Anarkali Dress, Heavy Party Wear Suits and Ladies Heavy Designers Suites and Ladies Designer Suits in Punjab are included in this product line. Such ladies’ clothes are appreciated for their trendy style, elegant look, flawless finish, colour and shrinkage resistance. Furthermore, these female clothing are made from guaranteed quality fabric yarns and conform to the current mode trends in the vendor. The suits and clothes offered are available in different sizes, designs, colours.


India is one of the heaters of the world, and you need something breathable but wear-free. So please look out at Ladies Cotton Suit in Punjab for all the ladies. It’s one of the best and most relaxing attractions ever. It is gentle, long-lasting, clear, easy to wash, free of shrinks and fading, comfortable to wear. The sweat is absorbed, and the skin is dry. Earlier it had been not easy to find Cotton salvages, but today you can find a style that is traditional to trendy. Just add a suit to your wardrobe and get a breathable touch.


Sakhi Selections is one of the top designers in Bridal Gown Punjab India Best. It’s an area where all fashion enthusiasts can find the latest and specialist designs for Ladies Wedding Dresses in Punjab. We are made of all styles of Clothes, the best designer boutiques in Jalandhar Punjab in India, at Sakhi Selections. Every type of thread work of modern designs, artistry and handcrafts is always done, and designs enjoy.


Indian outfits are considered to be the embodiment of harmony and delicacy. Either saree, salwar kameez, or Lehenga in Punjab, a spirit of ethnic magnificence emanates from a traditional touch in each garment. Such garments are well-known worldwide. In west fashion, their influence is also apparent as definite prints and brotherhoods in several trends. The trends in fashion have evolved continuously. There was a huge change, even in racial outfits. Yet their elegance remains unchanged. Most ethnic clothing shows the critical legacies of textiles as well as ethnic elements linked to India.


Salwar Kameez can be found in many different fabrics and designs. But do you know which sort of fabric is the most graceful, elegant, and delicate? It’s net. The most demanded Indian attire is a net salwar kameez, as it has a richness to it. Their exquisite designs give any woman a sizzling look. It’ll be included in different styles, embellishments, embroideries, and prints. Now, you need to think about where to buy it. But don’t believe Sakhi Selections Fabric Shop in Punjab buys it too much online. At incredible discounts, we sell some contemporary and traditional styles of Net salwar kameez.